Welcome to Tabla Wala Australia, supplying the finest quality Banarsi tabla from master tabla maker Mohammad Anwar in Varanasi, India. All our tabla are made to comply with Australian Quarantine’s strict standards and are guaranteed non-irradiated, unlike many other importers in Australia.

Right now you can check out our price list and our latest news including photos of our our fantastic Indian drums and accessories. In the future we plan to have videos to help you repair your own drums.

Please contact us with any queries by email at sales@tablawala.com.au or by phone on 0415106428 (Shen Flindell). We are based in Tarragindi, Brisbane so local residents can come directly to see our stock. Customers further afield should please contact Shen to arrange demonstration via video call or video file.


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  1. Hi,

    I have a questition to you may. It is a different type of question than you may expect, relating to “Tabla”. Tabla comes in pairs, the larger piece is called Tabla. I want to know what the smaller piece is called?

    Please let me know when you have time.



    • Hi Dawood,

      In my experience, the smaller higher drum usually played on the right may be called “tabla” or “dahina” or “dayan”. The larger lower round drum usually played on the left may be called “bayan” or “duggi”. The pair may be called “tabla” or “tabla-bayan”. I’ve never heard of the larger drum being called “tabla”.

      aum mani padme hum

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