PRICE LIST AS AT 15/09/2020
Please contact us to confirm current stock. These prices valid for current stock only. Some prices may be based on previous shipments now out of stock. They are a close guide to future imports but prices vary slightly with each shipment depending on factors including current exchange rate, inflation in India and shipping costs. 

In recent years, our usual supplier has been sending orders quite slowly, so we have just started ordering from a second supplier, Imran, who is quicker but also more expensive. Quality is very high and consistently excellent. Prices of Imran supplies are indicated separately as applicable.

COVID-19 UPDATE: The April-June lockdown in India and ensuing difficulties in international transport have introduced big delays into our supply, so we now have a waiting list which is expected to take several months to complete. Please only get in touch if you would like to join the queue.

We are based in Tarragindi, Brisbane, so purchases further afield should add postage from Brisbane. Eg one set of tabla generally packs into a box 80cm x 40cm x 40cm, weighing approx 12kg, though Australia Post will charge according to cubic weight (dimensions in cm). Please allow for our packing fee on top of postage, for us to carefully pack your tabla.

Example postage and packing fees for full set of tabla:
: Sydney $70
: Melbourne $80
: Adelaide $100
: Perth $120
: Hobart $125

Dahina (Anwar, 5”-6″) : $220-270 out of stock.
Dahina (Imran, 5″-6″): $260-320 out of stock.
(Dahina is the small wooden drum in a tabla set. All dahinas made from sheesham wood unless custom-ordered.)

Brass bayan, 2kg : $200 out of stock.
Brass bayan, 3kg : $225 out of stock.

Copper bayan 2kg (natural finish) : $205 out of stock.
Copper bayan 2.5kg (natural finish): $225 out of stock.
Copper bayan 3kg (chromed) : $260 out of stock.
Copper bayan 3.5kg (chromed) : $285 out of stock.

Imran Bayans: $280-$380 out of stock.

Kids’ tabla – small copper bayan and sheesham dahina, with rings, covers, and bag, suitable for kids 4 to 7 years old. (Smaller sets can be ordered on request.) : $380.00

Tabla/Bayan puri (spare skins) : regular size $50.00 (professional installation available @ $50 per drum)
 : Imran puris: $70.00
Large dahina puris : 15.3cm+ (6″+) $65.00
Nylon Wadi 10m : out of stock. 
Leather Wadi (premium) 10m : $25.00
Leather Wadi (bayan grade – some thinner points) 10m: $15.00
Kundal, leather : $10.00
Bayan goli (gittak), coloured wood, set of 8 : $5.00 out of stock.
Bayan goli (gittak), natural deluxe wood, set of 8 : $10.00 out of stock.
Tabla goli (gittak), set of 8 : $15.00
Bayan rope : $10.00
Bayan rings, set of 16 : $5.00

Rings, pair : $25.00
Hard covers, pair : $15.00 
Hammer, light: $15.00
Hammer, medium: $25.00
Hammer, heavy: $35.00
Regular bag : $25.00
Deluxe bag (double strap) : $50.00
Single bags, pair : $60.00
Backpack style : $100.00


NB “Tabla” can mean both the small wooden drum (“dahina”) or the pair of drums (tabla/bayan). 

Discounts and Seconds

Looking to save money? Happy to help. We have a range of discounts, seconds and refurbished tabla available to make your purchase more affordable.


  • 10% discount for a full set of tabla (dahina, bayan, rings, covers, hammer, bag)
  • 15% discount for temples
  • 15% discount for purchases over $1000
  • 20% discount for students of Ashu Babu Memorial Tabla School

Discounts may not be combined – choose the best rate that applies.


Old Stock

In the course of developing our tabla manufacture to clear Australian Quarantine, we have gone through several different processes before reaching success with our current fully traditional yet very clean all-rawhide drums. We are now offering the remaining old stock at reduced prices:

  • Nylon wadi (new) – never breaks! : $1.50/m -> $1/m (33% off )
  • Nylon wadi (secondhand) – never breaks! : FREE

Refurbished Tabla

From time to time people bring in old tabla which we refurbish with new puris and wadi resulting in quality close to that of a completely new tabla. Subject to availability.

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